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10 Year old’s confusion about GOD


My son & I started early on Saturday morning for a day out at farm, en route we stopped for breakfast. We were discussing some random topics that have been troubling him and out of the blue he made said “Nanna (dad), I am really confused about GOD“,

I tried to understand more about his confusion and tried to ask, what is making GOD so confusing.

Son started to explain – “I understood from movies, and other discussions that GOD is present everywhere and we do just what GOD wants us to do (Jagannata Sutradhari), it is GOD who makes us do all the activities. He makes us good deeds and he makes us bad deeds, and also punishes (fries in oil) for all the Bad deeds we do in Narakam (Hell). Why should GOD make us do bad and punish us again, it is not fair”.

I was really impressed with his thought process at this young age and his questioning intelligence. I was feeling good about his friends too, as there must be something the friends might have added in this curiosity. I was awestruck because when I was 10 years old, I couldn’t have thought anything close to it.

I did not want to answer him right there as we were almost done with our breakfast and also wanted to check if it was one of random question or he really needed help on (checking if he is ready for it or not).

The entire day he enjoyed in the farm with puppies, and in the evening we were taking a stroll in the farm, he again raised the same question – “I am confused about GOD, he does everything to us and again punishes us, not fair”

Now I understood, that there is something troubling him and I need to help him. Did not want to dump on him too much information, some of it might be much above his understanding, but wanted to ask him lot of questions for him to discover the solution. I am presenting the discussion in narrative form rather than dialog which is tedious (will leave it to your dramatization)

My inner thoughts

I really wanted to explain “Everything is done by GOD (Kartha, Karma, Kriya), the good deeds, bad deeds, the punishments, the rewards, the happy moments and the sorrows. For that matter the body we have also is HIS own, it is illusion (Maya) that it is ours, we are part of him and we are just remote control robots with life nothing more”. I hesitated that explanation because he might not understand it completely and did not want him to disown every action in his life like a situation below

I did not want to face a situation where he breaks the glass, and when I question him, he answers “Dad, I did not break it, it was GOD who broke it, and it is not our glass, it is kept with us for me to break it, it is all designed by GOD, even you shouting at me and me giving you this explanation is all designed and happening as per GOD.

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain something about life more than the GOD, I have my own perspective of GOD and each ones perspective is different from others. I used GOD and tried to make as much sense to the context of his question but bring in the qualitative change in him. Question is the first towards to self growth and quality of the questions will decide the quality of your life is what I believe in.

Conversation with son

We sat on a small rock in the farm with two puppies jumping on us with excitement, started explaining him

GOD actually gives you everything you need to handle a situation and it is your choice to how you use it. He did not seem to have understood (as expected), I continued explaining with simple examples of his life.

[Farmer] – GOD gave you seeds, water, sunlight, soil, people, money, equipment, it is what you do with all these available things will decide what you get.

You are a farmer right, last year you sowed the paddy, did you just sow, and leave it or did we actually took care of it, with proper watering, proper de-weeding, spraying jeevamrutam and neem oils and harvest it, dry it and only then we got the rice we wanted right. We did not say, GOD here are the seeds, you get me the rice after few months. NO, we do not.

[Context Setting] – You live in a good apartment community, you have lot of friends, you have good family, you have good health. GOD actually gave you all these thing and he also gave you a LED TV, you have access to nearly 300+ channels, gave you access to few smartphones at home which has 24/7 high speed internet, you have many Youtube channels, you have few home games like chess or Rubik’s cube.

[Abundance] – It is GODs love towards you in giving you everything you needed, not many people have all these things, NOW it is your choice of how you utilize these available things that decide how your future is going to be.

[Fitnesse] – You can use the Smartphone to learn something (craft, tricks, science) interesting which can help you in your life. You can waste this time by playing some non helpful game running behind the gold while being chased by ghost, you end up neither getting the gold, nor you will get fitter by running in smart phone, you become fat, you will not get six packs (he is excited about it).

[Continuous improvement ] – You can play multiple games of Chess physically or on tablets, where you can learn the tricks and continuously improve your game, not everyone knows that there is something called as Chess exists. You are blessed to know and have people to play for you. You can choose to play or not play, GOD has nothing to do with it, it is your action or inaction.

[Life] – If you are alone, you can try solve the Rubik’s cube, and try to understand how simple flips can impact multiple sides of the cube, and understand how to fix it, which in-turn helps you learn the game of life and how each move impacts multiple facades of life

[Action] – You see my dumbbells (GOD gave) at home, just by looking at them will muscles improve or if you use them and exercise your muscles develop??

[Book Reading] – You have choice of reading books and watching TV, reading books gives you knowledge of your choice and your thinking capability gets sharpened, while watching TV you have to listen to what they say, and you will be forced to believe what they want to say. Choice is yours, GOD gave you both.

While my entire focus for now is to make him understand the power he has with in and the righteousness of his choices,  working towards implementing those choices into actions, owning the actions with responsibility and continuously improving upon them.

To me GOD is personal, even my GOD is totally different to my son.

GOD is a “work in progress” topic and continuous process for many and I am not an exception.

“Royal Enfield” Heart (an Aha moment)

After signing off for the workweeks on Friday @ 7.00 PM, checked with friends about the earlier planned dinner and he showed “thumbs down”. Quickly went to the “Plan B”, called up school mate who recently returned from US and was planning to throw a party today, was informed that its scheduled for “Saturday night”. As I was thinking of “Plan C”, some images flashed thru and decided to trash “Plan C” and called up home and told will be home soon for dinner.


With background images going on in mind, heart very light after a great day @ work came to parking lot after bidding bye to everyone still in office. Looked at my “majestic” Royal Enfield parked with no vehicle around. Gracefully got on to the bullet and an aura of proud feeling engraved me when I started Bullet in single kick.


With back erect and chest up, enjoying the ride, with in few kilometers (kms) joined everyone (heading to explore what is in store for the evening) in traffic jam, soon without my notice, straight back has leaned and driving focus took over the pride I was feeling. Quite moments in my journey ensured that my bullet sound is audible to me, and the pride, chest up and back straight automatically came back.


This Jugalbandi (duet) in my drive continued till I reached Ashok Nagar X roads and waiting for signal to clear with my bike positioned in middle of the road. Suddenly Bullet stopped. For a second, the pride and chest up were all gone for a toss as the signal had to turn green the moment my bike stopped, and with all the most patient drivers behind me, added to the situation.


As you can guess the next sequence in a thriller movie of a known director, in this situation also I tried starting my bike and that effort was in vain. Gained much needed composure and stood stand still and hinted people behind me to move on, they obliged and slowly took the Bullet to the side.


  • 8:50 PM :- Restarted to try starting the bullet quickly & head out to enjoy the remaining Friday.
  • 8:55 PM :- Little tired with my efforts, regained composure and retried again, this continued for next 10 mins.
  • 9:05 PM :- Feeling ashamed of standing on the road side with everyone going past me, especially with the traffic accumulating when the signal was “Red”.
  • As a seasoned project manager, with every break, started to think of all my alternate options for the night and just piling up all the best solutions in mind.
  • 9:10 PM :- Couldn’t take it anymore, walked to the nearest grocery store and took a “fruit juice bottle” and gulped entirely assuming that this energy should give me enough energy to start the bullet.
  • 9:15 PM :- understood that the drink was of no use before the Royal Enfield kick start
  • 9:20 PM :- went inside the store again and asked for some water, all this time, the store keeper was watching my efforts and offered to try to help me, he is completely novice to Bullet. His first kick on Bullet (thinking he can do it easily) backfired fully and he silently accepted the fact, its not his cup of tea
  • 9:23 PM :- Ran out of options, starting to check the validity of my alternate options. Called a friend who is passionate of Bullet, he advised me to kick some B***T (hey I mean Bullet) with petrol knob switched of as it can be a situation of over flow.
  • While doing this, during my break, tried to reach my friend who stays close to Ashok Nagar X roads and told the possibility of parking my vehicle at his place and going home by auto.
  • All this while, was waiting and watching for any “bullet” sound, so that I can request the Bullet user for some help. As in any story, those bullets were going on the other side of the road and I do not reach them.
  • 9:33 PM :- after all the efforts of mine, my “I can do” feeling is taking over by “HE can do” and I left it to HIS hands with simple request, “please take care of this situation”.
  • 9:40 PM :- continued all my efforts to start the Bullet and nothing worked.
  • 9:42 PM :- heard a sound of the bullet passing by from my side, shouted for them, luckily that guy looked back, and I could ask for help.
  • He was very graceful and offered to help
  • Tried starting my Bullet, nothing worked, checked “Spark Plug”, cleaned, and still nothing worked.
  • With little diagnosis he found that the battery might be the culprit.
  • He quickly swapped the battery of my bullet with his.
  • Thats it, my bullet got all the POWER, in single kick it started. “da da da da da da ……….” YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHOO
  • He inquired where I live and found that he stays a miles away from my home
  • With gentle voice he asked me to use the battery to reach home and return the battery tomorrow, also showed that his bulled does not require battery to start (first feeling of ‘damn my bullet’).
  • 10:20 PM :- My bullet was ready firing up all cylinders, and I was all set to get to home ASAP without any delay.
  • As always “HE ensures we remember HIM”, in the entire process I have spoiled the “lock” of the battery casing and it was hanging with battery ready to fall anytime
  • My entire ride, I had to focus on bike going smoothly and also ensure that the battery casing tight to keep the battery still 🙂
  • 10:35 PM :- Reached home

The primary purpose of this post was not just to explain the pain I have gone thru and how it all turned with HIS presence, but to recognize the gentleman and good samaritan living around us. My humble thanks to Mr. Prabhakar, a “Royal Enfield Hearted” person who firstly extended his support in helping start my bullet and did not think twice giving his battery to a total stranger like me @ 10:30 PM night, with just exchange of mobile number. My feeling and respect for “TRUST” has increased multifolded


Hats off to all “Royal Enfield Hearted” people who come across in our lives and make difference

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